Once upon a time, a designer imagined a universe where children’s imagination could unfold. A universe, based on the idea that 
something as simple as organic, natural and minimal toys and decor could  spark a fantastic dream world without any limitations, but something was missing - a dash of a child’s magical imagination. 
Adding the final ingredient, all the elements of beautiful, earthbound materials and childish  brilliance, The Loullou Universe was born.
“The name “Loullou” is the first spoken words of my first born daughter Karla.” Lærke explains. “Before Karla developed her linguistic skills she found peace in a little simple silk blankie. It was her most precious thing and she cuddled it, stroked it softly round her cheek and nuzzled it between her fingers. She called this special cuddly-silk-blankie LOULLOU. From this simple, soft and pure blankie the seeds for LOULLOU-universe were sown and the name was born.”
This season we have added the Loullou Silk blankie to our collection so your precious little ones can have the same pure comfort.
They are all made from the purest natural and 100% organic jersey silk hand dyed from naural plant fibers by the Loullou team. 
This makes all batches slightly different and unigue.
Because we simply love nature.